Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

A bottom-level apartment got flooded out after a hard rain the day before. We were able to come by and suck out all the water quickly and swiftly, so the tenants could go back to their day as soon as possible.

Suck it up!

After a storm, this house leaked from the door and flooded through the front rooms. We were able to get all the water out, but we had to use a water vacuum to get it out of his green carpet. It had absorbed a large amount of water; however, we were able to prevent and mold, mildew, or water damage. 

Like it Never Happened

After a storm, which is common in North Lauderdale/ West Tamarac, where our team is located, a hall flooded through an apartment building. We got there as soon as we could and avoided what could have lead to some bad water damage.

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It's raining... inside?

After a large storm, the ceiling of the house burst into a leak. There were large amounts of water on the floor and the hole in the ceiling was still flowing when we arrived. We were able to quickly vacuum the water out and the continuous flow soon came to a stop, and we cleared all the water out.