Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Check your rooms!

This is what we saw when we got a call about a concern about mold in the house. The owner rarely came into the room so he didn't realize it had all gotten wet and molded over. This mold stretched through all four walls of the room, along with a wall in another room beside it. With how big the stretch of mold was, we were able to impress the owner with our speedy yet cautious recovery of his house. SERVPRO; we make disasters "Like it never even happened."

P.P.E. (Personal Protection equipment)

During a mold remediation caused by a large flooding, our SERVPRO trained team stayed safe and prevented cross contamination by wearing their P.P.E. throughout the job.

P.S. We got out all the mold, of course!

Be gone, mold!

This is a part of our SERVPRO N Lauderdale/ W Tamarac team doing a mold remediation! They're sanding away the mold on the wood to get rid of it and prevent it from spreading.

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Think you have mold?

If you think you have mold call SERVPRO N Lauderdale/ W Tamarac today! We will get the area in question mold tested and we specialize in mold remediation to quickly and safely remove the affected materials and get you back to your daily routine asap. Call us today. 954-960-5322